Watermelon, Strawberry Slushie


If you are looking to create:

  • A home that is truly a delight
  • Cook up deliciously healthy recipes
  • Cultivate your body and mind
  • Allow your creativity to blossom

This blog is for you!


A Little More about Me!

I started this blog because I’m deeply passionate about:

  • Slowing down to savor Nature’s beauty
  • Living a truly fulfilled life
  • Enjoying deliciously healthy food
  • Taking deep care of oneself and those you love
  • Tapping into the creative gifts that are within us all

British born and bred, I’ve spent the last 30 years living in America, married to an American, and raising our four children.

Over the past three decades, through trial and error, I’ve learned how to “Eat Well, Think Well and Live Well” creating a fulfilled and intentional life.

Core Goals

My goal is to help you find your very best way of living following the pillars of “Eat Well, Think Well and Live Well”:

"Eat Well, Think Well , Live Well"
and fall in love with the Great Beauty that is Life

Mary holds the following certifications: