Dips and Dressing

  • Easy and Delicious Oil-free Hummus

    A deliciously smooth oil-free hummus

    Looking for an easy and delicious Oil-free hummus recipe? Here we are! It’s packed with flavor and has a lusciously smooth texture that you’ll love. How do you make hummus deliciously creamy without oil? I’ve got this covered in the recipe below. You’ll never want to use olive oil or buy store-bought again after you […]

  • Easy Vegan Parmesan

    Try this deliciously flavorful Easy Vegan Parmesan! This gorgeous Easy Vegan Parmesan is full of bold “cheesy” flavors. It’s super quick to whip up, needing only 4 ingredients! You will never need to buy Parmesan, in any form, again! Cheese is the one thing most people find SOOOO difficult to give up on a Vegan […]

  • Easy Homemade Cashew Cream

    Homemade Cashew Cream

    Enjoy this luscious Easy Homemade Cashew Cream as a delicious non-dairy alternative to heavy and sour cream! This gorgeous Easy Homemade Cashew Cream will take any dish from “quite nice” to “extraordinary!” Creamy, very slightly tangy, it’s every bit as rich and delicious as regular sour cream. Happily, it requires very little effort to make, […]