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“Eat Well, Think Well and Live Well” is the basis of the marycallan.com lifestyle. A holistic, intentional and creative approach to life, emphasizing the interconnectedness of body, mind and spirit. 

There is nothing better than to eat pleasurably, think creatively, and live a well balanced life!

“Eat Well, Think Well and Live Well” will lead to a life of intention, beauty, curiosity, and delight.


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Elevating the everyday and finding the beauty in everyday life is a recipe for intentional living. 

I invite you to settle in and have a look around. Pop into each of the main sections, Eat Well, Think Well and Live Well. You will find inspiration to live more deeply and enjoyably.

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You will find scrumptious, healthy food that nourishes  to the soul

Allow creativity to blossom and cultivate your mind with books that inspire. Enjoy our “Musings” section to condition the body and mind.

Bringing life to your home and garden, expressing yourself in your surroundings and creating a home that truly supports you.  


Meet Mary

Get ready to Eat Well, Think Well and Live Well!

marycallan.com is a resource for living with intention, finding the beauty in everyday life, and making the mundane a little more magical.


Step off the constant merry-go-round of noise and drama, and instead choose a fulfilled and gentler lifestyle.

By choosing to “Eat Well, Think Well and Live Well” you will create a home that is truly a delight, cook up some deliciously healthy recipes, cultivate your body and mind, and allow your creativity to blossom. You will romance the everyday and fall in love with your life.

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Eat Well

The recipe section is bursting with health, flavor, and vitality. Every recipe is straightforward and easy to make. I hope they will become your cherished family favorites. 

Love Your Home

Creating a home you truly love and feel supported by is more readily available than we suppose.

Expressing yourself in your surroundings is fun! Your personality and belongings, big or small, all tell a story of your life.

The art of arranging, caring for, and loving your home is deeply meaningful.

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