• Baked Peaches with Lavender

    Baked Peaches with Lavender pin

    These delectable baked peaches with lavender are the epitome of summer food, you can make believe you’re soaking up the sun in the South of France. This is such an easy recipe and one that never disappoints. It’s a heavenly dessert with a little non-dairy ice cream, or enjoy it with granola and yogurt for […]

  • The Best Frozen Yogurt Bark

    Try the best Frozen Yogurt Bark for a quick, delicious, healthy treat! This is the best Frozen Yogurt Bark, it’s our new favorite refreshing dessert. Super quick to whip up, it’s packed with protein, and simply delicious. Made with non-dairy yogurt, berries, and a sprinkling of nuts you can enjoy it as a healthy snack […]

  • Awesome Blueberry Nice Cream

    Fabulous Blueberry Nice Cream

    Enjoy a delicious, healthy bowl of awesome Blueberry Nice Cream for a lovely summer treat! This awesome Blueberry nice cream is the dessert of dreams! It’s vegan, dairy-free, easy to make (you just blitz it in the food processor), and super duper-healthy. The consistency is like a fruity gelato or soft serve. You can of […]