• Vegetable and White Bean Soup

    If I had to live on one dish it would probably be this Vegetable and White Bean Soup. Plus a loaf of sourdough and perhaps a glass of Chianti. Yup, that would be it. I’m excited to share this White Bean and Vegetable Soup with you. It’s really delicious, satisfying and so healthy! Although it […]

  • Cauliflower Soup

    Cauliflower Soup

      Did I lose you at cauliflower? Don’t go! if you’ve ever had an unfortunate experience with a cauliflower this soup will make you fall in love with it anew. Turning the gnarly florets into a velvety textured, deliciously seasoned and deeply nourishing soup is a work of alchemy. Of course you know all about […]

  • White Bean and Escarole Soup

    White Bean and Escarole Soup

    This White Bean and Escarole Soup is full of flavor and nourishing plant protein. One of the joy’s of Fall is a return to making soup. Such a comforting and nourishing staple throughout the Fall and Winter months, a pot of soup is easy to whip up making the perfect lunch or light supper. White […]