• Apple and Pear Sauce

    Must try cozy vegan fall recipes

    Applesauce is the sort of thing you might take for granted, or buy at the store because who has the time to make their own. But please don’t take it for granted, or buy it at the store, please make your own because it is so beautifully and deliciously lovely. Plus we’re making it even […]

  • Energy Balls

    A delicious energy ball

    These no cook energy balls are amazing! These little beauties are my new favorite snack. Energy balls seem to be all the rage these days but many recipes contain a ton of fat from coconut oil. I wanted to make them lower in fat but with the addition of flax seeds, whose health benefits are […]

  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

    I’ve been having a lot of trouble with chocolate peanut butter cups recently. You know the ones, they stack them next to the check out at the supermarket to tempt you as you’re standing in line. It’s that perfect combination of salty and sweet that’s so hard to resist. Consequently I decided to embrace the […]