• Cashew Butter Bars

    Cashew Butter Bars

    These Cashew Butter Bars are a deliciously healthy treat! Oh My Goodness these Cashew Butter Bars are amazing! With a delicious graham cracker crunchy base, a luscious cashew butter filling, and topped off with a thick layer of dark chocolate they’re going to become your new favorite dessert:) How do I make Cashew Butter Bars? […]

  • Luscious Plant-Based Chocolate Pudding

    15 Quick and Easy Pantry Recipes

    This Heavenly Plant-Based Chocolate Pudding is “creamy” decadent, and luscious. Don’t miss it! This divine plant-based chocolate pudding is deliciously rich, smooth, and flavorful. Yes, it is entirely possible to whip up a fabulous tasting vegan chocolate pudding from scratch with very little effort that tastes amazing! Being so ridiculously easy to make, you can […]

  • Vegan Poached Pears, Easy, Elegant and Festive!

    Vegan Poached Pears

    Vegan Poached Pears are the perfect plant-based dessert. Vegan Poached Pears sound like an impressive dish but they’re actually very easy to make. This is a perfect low-stress Holiday dessert. Poaching is quick and simple, it’s just a question of simmering the fruit in liquid for about 15 minutes. The poaching liquid is all important […]